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Catalina Haidău, Paul Adrian Bulzu, Ionuț Cornel Mirea, Ruxandra Bucur & Oana Teodora Moldovan (2023). Potential Environmental Drivers of Fossil Bones Degradation—A Metabarcoding Approach in Two Carpathian Caves. Geomicrobiology Journal, 40:7, 654-666.

Theodorescu, M., Bucur, R., Bulzu, PA., Faur, L., Levei EA., Mirea I.-C., Cadar O., Lopes Ferreira R., Souza-Silva M. and Moldovan OT (2023).  Environmental Drivers of the Moonmilk Microbiome Diversity in Some Temperate and Tropical Caves. Microbial Ecology (2023).



Ionuț-Cornel Mirea, Marius Robu, Alexandru Petculescu, Luchiana Faur, Silviu Constantin. Deciphering climate variability by studying Late Pleistocene cave infillings. Case study: Muierilor Cave, Romania. XXI INQUA Congress 2023, July 14th-20th 2023, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

Catalina Haidău, Ionuţ Cornel Mirea, Luchiana Maria Faur, Oana Teodora Moldovan. Cave sediment bacteria as possible proxy for paleoenvironments? SedDNA Meeting, 06-09 June 2023, Potsdam, Germany.

Marius Robu, Ionuț-Cornel Mirea, Theodor Obadă, Vitalie Burlacu. The taphonomy of the MIS 3 cave bear bone assemblages from several key sites of the Republic of Moldova. Conferința Şiințifică - Istorie - Arheologie - Muzeologie - a Muzeului Național De Istorie a Moldovei (ediţia a XXXIII-a) 26-27 octombrie 2023, Chișinău (Republica Moldova).


Ionuț-Cornel Mirea, Marius Robu, Alexandru Petculescu, Laura Tîrlă, Silviu Constantin. Late Pleistocene climate variability in the Southern Carpathians: Insights from Muierilor Cave (Romania). Geographical Perspectives on Global Changes, 18-19 November 2022, Bucharest, Romania.

Ionuț-Cornel Mirea, Marius Robu, Alexandru Petculescu, Marius Kenesz, Luchiana Faur, Răzvan Arghir, Vlad Codrea, Silviu Constantin. Reconstructing the evolution of Muierilor cave system (Romanian Carpathians) during the last ~120 ka.  Interdisciplinary Archaeology: Methods, Studies, Results, 15-17 August 2022, Orheiul Vechi, Republic of Moldova.

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